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The Novice

The lead character in Simon & Richard's animated film The Silent Years about life in a medieval monastery, the Novice is training to be a Cistercian White Monk. The Novice is played by a promising young actor who was talent spotted while on the counter of a local craft shop. His ambition is to be a model.

Since starring in The Silent Years the Novice has decided to move to the 21st century permanently, and has been interviewed about his exciting career in a special 'Interview with the Novice' featurette on The Silent Years DVD.

Cistercian novice monks were not given an official name until their four years training was up and they took their vows. Hence our character is never referred to by name in the film, although he must have had a name before coming to the monastery. Sadly, being under a vow of silence he is unable to tell us what it is, and it will therefore remain a mystery!
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Novice on the set of The Silent Years
In reality of course he is just a lump of modelling clay, sculpted by Richard and with a costume by Simon. The figure is about 15cm high, and comes to life using stop-frame animation - the laborious process of taking a series of still images of a static object in a succession of slightly different positions. When played back at film speed these frames become a moving image and the model comes to life.

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