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Richard Sargent    

Richard Sargent

Artist and film-maker Richard Sargent (BA Hons Graphic Arts & Design) co-produced The Silent Years animated film alongside Simon Webster. Richard's freelance artwork consists mainly of caricatures, cartoons and graphic design, recently working on his range of Geekings Cards including the popular 'Where's WALL-E?' poster.

Unlike his friend and collaborator Simon Webster, Richard did not live and work in exotic far away lands before joining their course at Leeds Metropolitan University. In fact he went straight from school to an Art Foundation course at Chesterfield college, applying to LMU the following year. He graduated in 1995.hs_richard_2.jpg 

Richard at work on the Special Edition of The Silent Years in 2006.

Richard began drawing at an early age and developed his talent for cartoon style artwork through commissions, caricatures and comic strips while still at school. Despite - or perhaps because of - their age difference Richard and Simon found a common goal in The Silent Years animation project, and more recently Richard has been heavily involved in the various video productions and interactive design of the Special Edition DVD. This has included writing and directing the many short featurettes on the disc, as well as producing and editing the in-depth documentaries.cartoon.jpg

In addition to film and animation Richard continues to do freelance artwork commissions, many of which are viewable in the 'Richard's Art' section including Geekings Cards and 'Where's WALL-E?'. Some of his comic strip work is available in downloadable form in the Reg Comics section.

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Galleries of his artwork are also up on Pinterest here...


Richard at an eary age with one of his first commissions.

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