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Edward Webster  

Edward Webster 

Photographer Edward Webster, MA, offers a range of photography styles from non-commissioned fine art through digital photography, commercial work and rediscovered alternative processes dating from the birth of photography in the 1840s.

Edward gained his first qualification in photography in the shape of a hobby club badge in the boy scouts. Since then he has explored the medium through school and University, completing a Masters of Arts in 2004.

His working practice encompasses processes from the 1840s to the current exploration of digital capture.

Edward is known for his use of large format cameras including a 11”x14” home-built camera that was used in his artist residency at Knaresborough Castle in 2005 and continuing work in Moravia Czech Republic.

He is equally at home in the studio or on location, and as tutor at Leeds Met University continues to explore and inspire with what he describes as "the magic of photography."

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