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Simon Webster

Simon Webster

A comprehensive range of video production and animation services are provided by Simon Webster BA (Hons) who specialises in educational animations for schools and specialist work for organisations including the National Trust and the Farming Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG).

Simon spent his early years working on the family farm before travelling & working around the world, including time in Africa, New Zealand and Australia. He finally decided to follow his passion for art by enrolling on a foundation Art course in 1991, leading to his acceptance at Leeds Metropolitan University, where he met and eventually worked with Richard Sargent.

Simon at work in the editing suite at Hopewell Studios.

Simon's interests include photography, ornithology, and also wildlife conservation on the farm - including a short film on the subject made in 2004.

He became interested in African rock shelter art while visiting Western Cape Provence in the early 1980's and has filmed and photographed various sites over the years, culminating in the animated film 'Ka Kani's Firesticks' which he produced and animated in 1995.


Simon at Leeds Metropolitan University in 1994, during production of the original version of The Silent Years.

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