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In 1999 Simon Webster began planning the conversion of a farm workshop into a professional studio from which to produce animated films, video productions and photography. Hopewell Studios was completed in 2001 with much help from his brothers Henry and Edward Webster. The studio logo and type that you see on the banner of this site were designed by Simon.

The photography studio is regularly utilised by Edward for his freelance work, while Simon and Richard make use of the film facilities and editing suite under their partnership of Webster/Sargent Productions. 

If you are interested in commissioning film, animation or photography work from Hopewell Studios please contact us for more information.
Exterior Hopewell The Studio provides a place for sound work, camera set-ups and in-house editing and post production, right through to marketing and website work. Situated in quiet rural surroundings away from interruptions, it's the ideal place to get work done.
Hopewell Studios Reception Area

Hopewell Studios provides a calm, relaxing environment for our clients. When the facility was designed, full access and facilities for people with disabilities was a key consideration.

Hopwell Studios - Photography Studio

The main photography studio is large enough to accommodate most subjects. External access is via large double doors, to allow larger items to be moved to/from the studio with ease.

Edward Webster 

Photographer Edward Webster MA, offers a range of photography styles from non-commissioned fine art through digital photography, commercial work and rediscovered alternative processes dating from the birth of photography in the 1840s.

  Edward Webster

Simon Webster 

A comprehensive range of video production and animation services are provided by Simon Webster BA (Hons) who specialises in educational animations for schools and specialist work for organisations including the National Trust and the Farming Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG).

  Simon Webster

Richard Sargent

Artist and film-maker Richard Sargent (BA Hons Graphic Arts & Design) co-produced The Silent Years animated film alongside Simon Webster. Richard's freelance artwork consists mainly of caricatures and cartoons as well as storyboards, animation and graphic design.
  Richard Sargent