Edward Webster

Photographer Edward Webster MA, offers a range of photography styles from non-commissioned fine art through digital photography, commercial work and rediscovered alternative processes dating from the birth of photography in the 1840s.

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  Edward Webster

Simon Webster 

A comprehensive range of video production and animation services are provided by Simon Webster BA (Hons) who specialises in educational animations for schools and specialist work for organisations including the National Trust and the Farming Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG).

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  Simon Webster

Richard Sargent

Artist and film-maker Richard Sargent (BA Hons Graphic Arts & Design) co-produced The Silent Years animated film alongside Simon Webster. Richard's freelance artwork consists mainly of caricatures and cartoons as well as storyboards, animation, graphic design and Geekings Cards.

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  Richard Sargent

The Novice

The lead character in Simon & Richard's animated film The Silent Years about life in a medieval monastery, the Novice is training to be a Cistercian White Monk. The Novice is played by a promising young actor who was talent spotted while on the counter of a local craft shop. His ambition is to be a model.
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novice_dvd.jpg  Hopewell Studios Film and Animation, home of The Silent Years: A Day In The Life Of A Medieval Novice Monk.

Find out about our facilities and read about the work that Simon and Richard did creating their animated film The Silent Years, and the story of its progress to DVD...

Also including a list of the DVD special features, links to articles about DVD menu design, behind the scenes photographs, and comparison shots of the remastering process.

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